A Long Days Journey Into Denial

So honesty is the best policy huh? What about brutal honesty? You know, the kind that knocks the wind out of you, leaving you wheezing for recovery as you feel the blood drain from the top of your head straight out your big toe. Right.

So we sugar coat. We cover those shit muffins with a nice, thick glaze of truth-lite.

But it’s lite so it’s not as bad for you, right?

And the journey begins…

I’ve had a problem with befriending guys through working on artistic endeavors. The artistic endeavor leads to dinners, hanging out, getting closer. As friends, right?

I sometimes feel in my 28 years on this earth I’ve learned nothing.

NO. Nope. Not how it is. Mainly, never. The road to denial only gets longer and more arduous as you deny the road’s existence, and then we end up waiting forever for Godot, the road becomes a loop, everything begins to repeat itself, everything begins to repeat itself, and nothing makes sense. So let’s find a short cut to this path we didn’t want to end up on in the first place.

First order of business: That brutal honesty you splenda covered to begin with. There needs to be clear boundaries set very early on. Something I’m clearly terrible at. Unfortunately this also includes maybe not doing a lot of one on one time. As much as I want to believe a guy and a girl can just be friends, if that feeling isn’t mutual it’s just not gonna work. At least not for a while. Also as much as I want to believe you can start sleeping with someone, decide you wanna stop, and then go on to be great friends after as if nothing happened- denial will kick that theory in it’s ass. There are exceptions. But that’s exactly what they are and otherwise you should operate by the rules to spare the most feelings.

Second order of business: Brutal honesty. Did I say that already? Yup. But you needed to hear it again. Trust me. (I need to hear it about a thousand more times)

It’s hard. The road can be very tempting. But it’s ultimately just a nice detour from the inevitable. And not the fun “oh look at this cool little swimming hole we found off the beaten path” detour. The quicksand kind.

You’re welcome to it. I’d like to say it’s the road less traveled. But I have a feeling you’ll find yourself in the fine company of 70-year-olds in crop tops, middle aged men with comb overs, part time vegans, and people drinking skinny vanilla lattes with their chocolate croissants.


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