I don’t wanna dance with somebody.

So I’ve been going through a break up the last month. Everyone really is aware of it. No biggies. I’m surviving. Blah blah blah. The main reason I bring this up (besides for my own torture ๐Ÿ˜‰) is because I’m becoming more and more aware and exposed to going out in NYC as a single female. Not actually looking for love, or any male attention… Just simply being out.
I went out on Friday night with two girl friends. Now, we’re all three very confident and capable women who just so happen to be well-connected through a good portion of the NYC hospitality industry. Meaning, people take care of us when we go out. Not to sound bitchy, because that’s the industry we work in- you take care of me, I’ll take care of you. 

So this particular night, a bartender friend comped all our drinks (we left gratuity of course) and we ventured out to our next destination which was a newish club where another friend of ours manages. So of course, she graciously gave us a table and set us up with a bottle for the night. I love these perks of my job mind you.

 As everyone knows, New York is fucking expensive. Even the trash/urine filled air costs you an arm and leg to breath in. It’s part of the charm, some people argue. For me, New York has become a vehicle for my own self-discovery and independence. I’ve found and lost myself far too many times in the beautifully disgusting city to leave anytime soon. So I’m going to make it everything I ever wanted while I’m living on this island. I’m grateful for the connections I’ve made for myself and continue to so I enjoy the friendly hook ups while out.

Ok, back to Friday night. So normally Friday nights are a lot of B&T guests. If you don’t know what that means, you probably don’t live here so I’ll kindly spell it out for you; people who travel over bridges and through tunnels to get to Manhattan. Nothing to discriminate that crowd but it just makes the weekends VERY congested in the nightlife scene. 

The ladies and I are dancing and enjoying the night. We met up with two guys we worked with before but for the most part, it was a all girls no boys club. Next thing I know, I feel like we are judges on the latest episode of “Americas got Talent” or some bullshit show like that. Homeboys were coming out of the woodwork trying to catch our eye. I MEAN UNNECESSARILY SO. Please don’t dance in front of my table like a male peacock strutting his feathery fuckboy tail. Also, don’t help yourself to joining in on the fun when you didn’t receive an invitation. And most importantly, DONT FUCKING GRAB ME WHEN I REFUSE TO DANCE WITH YOU.

I get it. Friday night and everyone is looking for something strange. News flash, I’m not. I don’t mean to sound like a prud and believe me, I support the search for love on a Friday night but guys, if a girl is dancing with her friends, she probably wants to DANCE WITH HER FRIENDS, NOT YOU! And whichever one of your friends suggested you lift up your shirt towards me and my friends is a bigger idiot than you are. When I politely declined, I was received as a bitch and when I was talking to a male friend, he was immediately apologized to for “approaching his girl”. I’m not his girl bro. WHERE IS MY APOLOGY? Why is it acceptable to act like a complete douche in front of a girl for her attention and when a guy is perceived as that girl’s boyfriend, he gets an apology?  Something is wrong in that scenario.
Sure, maybe you say I’m being sensitive. Oh I should take it as a compliment?
No. I take care of myself. I don’t ask guys to buy my drinks. I handle that myself so please don’t dance at my table. 
Ok, thanks.


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