Find me where the wild things are

It’s a strange sensation when you realize the person who you’ve been missing with your entire being suddenly isn’t missed quite that much anymore. Not to say, you don’t care deeply for that person, but that moment when you realize things are going to ok.


I’ve been waiting for this moment for the last two months. Hell, I think I’ve been waiting for this moment longer than I ever realized until now. The relief is endless and as I walk home, I start to cry happy tears because I don’t feel sad anymore. I’m happy. Genuinely happy and the only person who I can contribute these blissful tears are myself. In that, I am proud. I’m learning to love myself more than I thought I ever needed and I’m learning to be unapologetic for my ways, emotions and belief and in that I feel all sorts of powerful.

I feel like I’ve been watching myself come into my own person right before my eyes. As if, I’m floating shallowly above my own body as a ghost, watching myself grow. Become independent, resilient and fearless. It’s quite invigorating that moment you don’t give a fuck anymore. Not that I don’t care about anything anymore but the truth is I care about myself more right now. There is beauty in being selfish at some moments of your life and I’ve never understood it until recently. I’m in complete control on my happiness, my sadness, my mistakes and my successes. I’m going to dance on tables, dance with my friends, fuck… dance topless if I damn well feel like it. Why? BECAUSE I CAN.


I have no apologies for being. ✌🏼️



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