Birthday bluezzz 2.9

Usually I get a bit emotional on my birthdays. This year I feel more sentimental than sad. The past 365 days have done something to my life that has shaped me in ways I didn’t really expect.

I was 28 when I found the career I’ve been searching for, the career that was right under my nose this entire time. I was 28 when I discovered I had never worked so much in my entire life. I was 28 and working 90 hour work weeks and actually enjoying it (for the most part). I’ve pushed myself in ways I never considered and I found myself surrounded by like minded individuals who not only encouraged my personal growth but made me strive to be like them. I’ve found myself in awe of these talented and amazing individuals and that alone pushes me each day to accomplish all my goals. My role at VANDAL has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding feat I’ve taken on. It’s my home away from home with people who have subsequently become my family away from family (as dysfunctional as we all are). They’ve taught me the importance of taking care of each other as well as respecting the opinions of others.

I spent the entire year I was 28 deeply in love with an individual who wreck my entire being in all the worst/best ways. Someone who taught me how to appreciate the silence, the downtime and a person who has looked at my crazy and has helped me focus it into something productive, and encouraged me to embrace all the ways in which I felt lost and somehow be ok with it. He was also the person who also made me understand I didn’t need another individual to feel whole, I was already complete without him, without anyone. For that, I am forever grateful and he will always own a part of my heart even if we never find ourselves in each other’s lives again.

Over the last 28 years, I’ve never felt more proud of myself in so many ways. I’ve endure heartbreak, loss, moments of tremendous weakness and I’ve come out alive, and in my honest opinion, a better version of myself. I’ve found solace in knowing I am the keeper of my happiness and as a woman, I feel powerful knowing I am genuine happy at this moment in my life. I’m more sure of myself now than I have ever been at any given point in my life and that’s a very liberating feeling.

I’ve surrounded myself with people who’s souls are kind and loyal and genuine and as a result it has made me more of all of those things and more. Their positive energy radiates good vibes and it’s taught me how to let go and not only be in the moment, but to relish in the moment. I’m becoming a better friend, lover and person because of the company I keep now.

So perhaps this year, I’ll trade in my birthday blues for a glass of champagne and cheers myself for making it out, not only alive, but thriving yet another year. After all, I’m 29 and still a dime. 💁🏻


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